Ernie Coates

Ernie was raised in Owen Sound. He completed 20 years in the Canadian Military and worked almost seven years at the County of Grey. Ernie has a passion for real estate. Throughout his military career he purchased homes in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

He often bought fixer uppers, foreclosures, nothing down properties and rentals as well as the homes he lived in. After retiring from the military and moving back to Owen Sound he continued to buy and sell real estate - always exciting! In order to be successful in Real Estate sales it requires enthusiasm, which Ernie has plenty. It requires hard work, which Ernie enjoys. It requires commitment, dedication, and motivation of which Ernie has a proven track record. Ernie and his wife Julie have 10 children, and 8 grandchildren. Kids make the world go around! Ernie Coates and Bill McFarlane have teamed up. Ernie and Bill are both award selling realtors.

For assistance with any of your real estate buying or selling needs, now or in the future, please call or email 519-375-1901 or ;

Bill McFarlane

Bill was raised in Chatsworth until he was five years of age and then moved to London with his family. Having an opportunity to come back to Owen Sound, in his twenty’s, afforded him the chance to return to the area he loves. Bill has years of customer service from owning and managing retail chains.

He was also head buyer for a major footwear company, in charge of purchasing millions of dollars worth of raw materials. It was with this company Bill got to travel the world and quickly understood that he lived in the best area, in the best country. Bill has a ready smile, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to assist people in finding the right house, property or opportunity.

Bill and Ernie have teamed up to be the top go to Real Estate people in the area. They are available to help you with your next sale or purchase on your time schedule.